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 Edges of the Lord press kit
Author: Fair 
Date:   02-05-05 21:04

Here is a nice little item I think a few people here will find rather interesting. Even though Miramax decided to toss this film "into the too-hard basket" [thanks for that one OZ], we can still try to help fill the dark void left from their lack of love. Sure our efforts might be meager and humble... but at least we care.

The best place to start is with a link to the site that was my very first exposure to this wonderful little film. It is a site put together by an amazing fan of this film, and an amazing fan of this community. The site does one thing, and it does it oh so very well... it offers up the unofficial screenplay for "Edges of the Lord". The screenplay was painstakingly hand-crafted from watching the film many times.... and the artistry of the finished script is as close to perfection as anyone could hope to achieve. The site and the script were put together by our very own OZ, and you can find this brilliant piece of "Edges" lore... here!

With the screenplay all taken care of... next, I think we can help fill the void by providing a decent quality link to the "Edges of the Lord" film trailer!

A couple of high quality still photo's from the film, will fit in rather nicely here, and right over here!

And finally, as the subject line revealed... yes there most certainly was an "Edges of the Lord" press kit. The kit included a couple of rather large sized "TIF" images, which I will attach to this message... and the press document found below. You can download the original 18Mb "zip" file of the press kit here, as found on the "Atlanta Jewish Film Festival" website... so a big thanks to them.





Production Designed by

Music by

Edited by

Director of Photography

Line Producer


Executive Producers


Written and Directed by



Romek........................................HALEY JOEL OSMENT
Priest ................................................... WILLEM DAFOE
Vladek.................................................RICHARD BANEL
Tolo ..............................................................LIAM HESS
Gniecio...........................................OLAF LUBASZENKO
Manka................................MALGORZATA FOREMNIAK
Kluba........................................ANDRZEJ GRABOWSKI
Robal...................................................CHIRIL VAHONIN
Maria..........................................................OLGA FRYCZ
Ela Kluba..........................................DOROT PIASECKS
Pyra............................................WOJCIECH SMOLARZ
Max................................................MAREK WEGLARSKI
Sara....................................................EDYTA JURECKA
Batylin ...................................RYSZARD RONCZEWSKI
Wanda.........................................KRYSTYNA FELDMAN
German Officer at Batylin Field.........EUGENE OSMENT
German Officer at Trains......KRZYSZTOF PIECZYNSKI
Maria’s Grandmother........................STEFANIA WASKO
Old Man with Limp.........................MARIAN CZEKALSKI
Jewish Mother of Little Girl.............ALDONA GROCHAL
Jewish Woman ...................MARIA ANDRUSZKIEWICZ
Jewish Little Girl ................................EWA BRANIECKA
Leon - Escapee ................................JERZY SWIATLON
Zyta - Escapee..............................................ETEL SZYC
German Soldier on Bike #1 ...............JERZY GUDEJKO
Jewish Boy’s Mother..................MAJA BARELKOWSKA
Samuel - Boy Escapee.............................. PIOTR SZYC
Leading Soldier #1 .................GRZEGORZ LUKAWSKY
Leading Soldier #2 ...........................PAWEL OKRASKA
Middle Aged Jewish Woman.........KAROLINA WEDRYCHOWICZ
Young Jewish Man.....................GRZEGORZ JOZWIAK
Large Man with Clothes..........................ANDRZEJ ROG
Jewish Boy.................................... ROMEK SZYMCZYK
Piotrek.................................................PIOTR WALCZAK
Piotrek Grandmother.........................HANNA WALCZAK
German Guard............................GRZEGORZ MATYSIK
German Officer #2...........................EMILIAN KAMINSKI
German Officer Killing Underground Youth................DAWID ZAWASZKI
German Soldier with Woman on Bike.......BORYS SZYC
Underground Youth................WALDEMAR BARWINSKI
Woman on Bike........................JUSTYNA SIENCZYLLO
Blonde with German Officer..............MICHAEL CHOROSCINSKII
Soldier’s Girl....................................KARINA SEWERYN
Jewish Woman in Transport........TEODOZJA JOZWIAK

Edges of the Lord

As Nazi storm troopers march into Krakow, Poland, in the fall of 1943, 11-year-old Romek (Oscar nominee Haley Joel Osment) is spirited away from his doomed Jewish family by a peasant farmer who agrees to hide him. Hidden in a potato sack, Romek’s adventure begins.

The farmer, Gniecio, smuggles Romek to his small village in Easter Poland. Though presented as a distant cousin, it is not long before the family discover Romek’s Jewish heritage. Bright and sensitive, Romek is detested by the family’s 12-year old son, Vladek, and befriended by the family’s saintly younger brother, Tolo.

The local priest (Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe) coaches Romek in the Catholic religion while respecting the Jewish heritage which Romek must ignore if his life is to be saved. Soon the impressionable child is witness to the abject cruelty of the invading Nazis-witnessing not only the priest’s humiliation but also the execution of their neighbors.

Tormented by Vladek and some of the neighborhood boys, Romek seeks solace in games. Together with Tolo and Maria (a young girl who introduces Romek to romance) they act out the mystic roles of Christ and his disciples, whose lives they have studied with the Priest.

While vainly attempting to hide in his imaginary world, the children are forced to witness the reality of trains carrying thousands to the death camps. They see escaping prisoners robbed by local farmers. Finally, they begin to fight back after Tolo and Vladek’s father, Gniecio, is killed for illegally hiding a pig.

Despite the cruelty of the apocalyptic world around them, the children finally learn to accept and treasure each other in the hope of surviving another day.


Set in Poland during the Nazi occupation, EDGES OF THE LORD is the story of an 11 year old Jewish boy who is trained almost brutally by his father in learning his catechism in order to appear Catholic and thereby survive the Holocaust. Out of the proverbial fire, our ROMEK (Haley Joel Osment) suddenly finds himself in the “frying pan” of a raw and sometimes brutal peasant pig farming community.

“Having had a bad experience directing a movie based upon someone else’s screenplay, I decided to make a movie based upon my own work. It has long been my fantasy to write my own screenplay and then eventually turn it into a movie” says the film’s writer/director Yurek Bogayevicz. He adds, “My one goal was to write a screenplay set in Poland around the time of second world war, dealing with the children of that time. Somehow I believed that this journey back to the land from where I came would put me in touch with enough childhood material out of which I would shape a screenplay. Looking back on that process I can see that it was very much a Jungian approach to writing a screenplay: trying to decipher a larger whole from bits and pieces of a puzzle.”

Bogayevicz continues, “In a sense, almost 25 years after my immigration to the United States, I began to discover the very nature of my origins for the first time. I was born in Poland after the war and grew up among people who conveyed a sense of not completely telling me about their past. The hiding of the experiences by my parents, their friends and society in general, led to some real paradoxes. For example, having grown up in this country where just 10 years earlier three million Polish Jews were murdered, I realized that I had never participated in nor heard a conversation about the very nature of these events. A lot of confusion and shame existed in Poland about so-called Jewish subjects.

“While formulating the characters, defining the locations and pinpointing the various relationships in EDGES OF THE LORD, I plunged into a tremendous amount of research, consisting of documents of children’s diaries and memoirs from this period I was writing about.

Production Note - Page 2

As there was a political thaw in Poland, and some new material was published, I quickly discovered many shameful as well as some heroic stories of our Polish past. I allowed some of these real events to be absorbed into the mainstream of the story that I was writing. The final screenplay is the story of a few children and their gradual loss of innocence.”

Bogayevicz adds, “The screenplay was conceived and created in the office of Braun Entertainment Group, with Zev Braun and Philip Krupp. The scenes were read out loud, discussed and debated, creating a great sense of excitement about the emerging product. Many times we had the impression that our office was populated with these characters. From this story, the characters’ behavior and personalities began to bleed into our daily life. The three of us carried the project through many ups and downs all the way to the first day of shooting in Poland on May 1, 2000. EDGES OF THE LORD is the first project to be shot in Poland and written in English by a Pole, starring American actors. But for me - a highly apolitical person - it became a way of dealing with the painful and oftentimes hidden past.”

“The experience of making the picture was exhilarating. Prior to the start of production, we spent two weeks conducting a workshop with the kids, explaining to them the nature of this story and the meaning of the characters, and trying to remove all the barriers in preparing them for the acting task. The casting of the remaining characters was also very precise and specific. Many actors were called back a number of times to improvise their characters until the final harmonious ensemble emerged,” concludes Bogayevicz.

Philip Krupp recalls a continuing comment that Zev Braun made to him and Bogayevicz during the three years it took to set up EDGES OF THE LORD, “We must be living under a guiding star that has leads us away from disaster toward our ultimate destiny.” Braun further explains, “To begin with, the idea of having Haley Joel Osment as our little Jewish boy was nothing short of an angel descended from heaven. After problems occurred with two other choices for the Priest, the heavens opened again and presented us with Willem Dafoe.

Production Note - Page3

Finally, another beatific vision appeared on the scene, when Avi Lerner said the magic word “yes,” a word so unfamiliar to us it almost needed translation!”

The filmmakers feel that the culmination of this film validated everyone’s hard work and unshakable belief in this unique but universal story.

About Cast

Haley Joel Osment made his acting debut opposite multi-Emmy winner, Edward Asner, in the television series, “Thunder Alley”. He went on to play the role of Matt Foxworthy on “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” and Candice Bergen’s much talked about TV son, Avery, on “Murphy Brown”.

Haley’s guest starring television credits include the two part special of “The Pretender”, playing a kidnaped prodigy whose genius is exploited through mind control; “Chicago Hope”, where he found himself stuck in an elevator with a corpse: a true-life story of Lou Gehrig’s Disease on “Touched by an Angel”: and a two-part special of “Walker, Texas Ranger” playing the title role, Lucas, a parentless boy dying of AIDS. Haley’s most recent TV guest appearance was on “Ally McBeal”, where he played a dying boy who wanted to sue God.

Haley’s starring roles in television films include the Hallmark Hall of Fame’s presentation of “The Ransom of Red Chief” with Christopher Lloyd and Michael Jeter, and NBC’s science fiction thriller, “The Lake”, where he played two roles, one good, the other evil. He supported the cast of TNT’s “Last Stand at Saber River” with Tom Selleck and the Hallmark presentation of “Cab to Canada” with Maureen O’Hara, for both of which he was honored with Young Star Awards.

As if his early years in television weren’t busy enough, Haley took on the big screen, winning the youth in Film Award for his performance as Forrest, Jr. in the critically-acclaimed and Oscar-winning film, “FORREST GUMP”. Additional feature film credits include Nora Ephron’s “MIXED NUTS”,“FOR BETTER OR WORDS” which was the directorial debut of Jason Alexander, and Norman Jewison’s “BOGUS”, in which he starred as a displaced orphan who was obsessed with magic and kept an invisible best friend, played by Gerard Depardieu. The film also starred Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg.

Haley covered even more entertainment ground when Disney asked him to be the voice of Chip in “A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CHRISTMAS” and the voice of Zephyr in “THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME DEUX”. In 1998 Haley took on a WWII project entitled “I’LL REMEMBER APRIL”, a story about four boys whose friendships are tested by war tensions on the homefront. Then came the role of Cole Sear in the record breaking and internationally acclaimed film, “THE SIXTH SENSE”. For this performance Haley has received numerous film critic awards, a nomination to the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards and The Academy Awards.

“PAY IT FORWARD”, an adaptation of Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel, was the firs of three films he tackled in 2000. The second film took him to Poland where he filmed “EDGES OF THE LORD”, playing a Jewish boy sent into the countryside to hide with a Catholic family during the Nazi occupation. He just completed working on his third film for 2000, “A.I.” to be directed by Steven Spielberg.


An internationally acclaimed actor on the stage and screen, Willem Dafoe continues to bring to life a surprising array of characters with a string of projects due for release over the coming months.

Dafoe has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his transformational performance in the highly anticipated "Shadow of the Vampire" as Max Shreck. He was also named Best Supporting Actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics and runner-up by the New York Film Critics. Directed by Elias Merhige and written by Steven Katz, the film is based on the making of F.W. Murnau's classic horror film, "Nosferatu." Produced by Jeff Levine at Saturn Films, along with Nicholas Cage and Paul Brooks, it was filmed in only 35 days on location in Luxembourg and also stars John Malkovich, Eddie Izzard, Catherine McCormack and Cary Elwes. Dafoe's portrayal has also received critical acclaim at this years' Cannes, Telluride, Toronto and Boston Film Festivals. Lions Gate Films will release "Shadow of the Vampire" on December 29th, 2000.

In January 2001, Dafoe will begin production on the live-action action-adventure, "Spider-Man." Dafoe plays Norman Osborn, aka the "Green Goblin," the rival to the iconic web-spinning hero (Tobey Maguire). Sam Raimi is directing with a screenplay by David Koepp and Scott Rosenberg. Columbia Pictures will release the film on May 3rd, 2002.

Dafoe recently completed work on Paul McGuigan's ("Ganster #1) "Morality Play." "Morality Play" concerns a priest on the lamb who takes up with a traveling band of actors. Dafoe will play the leader of the troupe of thespians, who discover a murder and set about to solving it, by re-creating the crime in a play.

Next year, Miramax films will release writer/director Yurek Bogayevicz's "The Edges of the Lord" starring Dafoe opposite Haley Joel Osment. A WWII drama seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old Jewish boy (Osment) who's hiding with a family of Catholic peasant farmers to escape the Nazi's. Dafoe plays the role of the eccentric but
understanding priest who guides the ravaged community's children through a series of humorous and tragic events that come to a shattering conclusion when faith collides with fear.

Dafoe filmed the upcoming romantic drama,"Pavilion of Women" on location in China. Based on the novel by Pearl S. Buck and directed by Yim Ho, the film is set in Old China and concerns the uproar following a Chinese woman's decision upon her fortieth birthday to have her husband take a younger woman as a second wife. Dafoe plays 'Brother Andre,' a missionary who falls in love with the woman while giving her son a Western education. The film was produced by and also stars actress Yan Luo and will be released by Universal Focus Summer 2001.

Dafoe most recently starred in Steve Buscemi's "Animal Factory" opposite Edward Furlong. Edward Bunker adapted the screenplay from his own novel. "Animal Factory" is the story of how the prison system made a hardened criminal out of a once promising young man (Furlong) who finds himself in a situation he can't get out of and then turns to the "King of the Yard" Earl Copen (Dafoe). Earl takes Ron under his wing, shows him the ropes and keeps Ron alive. Decker and Copen form a bond not unlike a father in son. He also appeared in "American Psycho", based on the controversial book by Brett Easton Ellis. Directed by Mary Harron, Dafoe portrayed Detective 'Donald Kimball,' who follows the trail of the title character, played by Christian Bale.

Dafoe also starred in Troy Duffy's controversial "Boondock Saints." The story centers around two Irish twin brothers who become vigilantes in Boston, fighting crime as part of their calling from God - and the one thing that stands in the way of their 'cleansing' - an FBI man (Dafoe) charged with the task of bringing them down. .

Dafoe has made a name for himself working with some of the most critically acclaimed directors in the world: with his turn as 'Caravaggio' the thumb-less thief in Anthony Minghella's Academy Award winning drama, "The English Patient;" his Academy Award nominated performance as "Sergeant Elias' in Oliver Stone's "Platoon;" his starring role in "The Last Temptation of Christ" for director Martin Scorcese; his memorable turn as low life 'Bobby Peru' for David Lynch in "Wild at Heart;" his performance in Wim Wender's multicultural "Far Away, So Close;" and his role as a civil rights activist in Alan Parker's "Mississippi Burning."

Other feature credits for Dafoe include David Cronenburg's "Existenz," novelist Paul Auster's directorial debut, "Lulu On the Bridge," Abel Ferrara's "New Rose Hotel," Jan De Bont's "Speed 2: Cruise Control," Brian Gilbert's "Tom & Viv," Phillip Noyce's "Clear and Present Danger," Paul Schrader's "Affliction" and "Light Sleeper," Oliver Stone's "Born on the Fourth of July," William Friedkin's "To Live and Die in L.A." Robert M. Young's "Triumph of the Spirit," Roger Donaldson's "White Sands," Uli Edel's "Body of Evidence" and Christopher Crowe's "Off Limits."

On stage, Dafoe most recently starred Off Broadway in "North Atlantic" for the Wooster Group. With text by James Strahs and also starring Steve Buscemi, the provocative drama is set on an aircraft carrier during the Cold War. Staged at The Performing Garage, "North Atlantic" premiered in October. Dafoe has been a member of the groundbreaking theater company for more than twenty years, helping to define a collage based theatrical language that incorporates influences as diverse as vaudeville and Noh.


Liam is 8 years old - he was born in Australia but is now resident in United Kingdom. He has a reading age of an adult, he sings (and would like to make a record); and dances. He attends the Jackie Palmer Stage School in High Wycombe. He designs Websites and deals with complex desk top printing.

EDGES OF THE LORD Tolo Millennium Films
BLACK BOOKS Jimbo Assembly Film & TV
MURDER MOST HORRID Dawn frenchs’ son son Talkback Productions
THE CALLING Sammy Plummer Dir. Richard Caesar/Fane Films
‘MUSE’ POP VIDEO Little Boy Academy Films
SPEND,SPEND,SPEND Viv’s Son Piccadilly Theatre/Pola Jones

Various commercails, including leads in Danone Yoghurt, Daily Mail, Wheetos, and Domestos, as well as McDonalds & Woolworths.


Actor, director. Born (1968) in a family of actor Asja Lamtugina and Edward Linde - Lubaszenko. Studied sociology at University of Warsaw (1986-1987) and then at the Academy of Theology in Warsaw. Made his professional actor’s exam in 1991. Work for studio Buffo Theatre in Warsaw. In 1989 awarded a “Golden Duck” Award for the best Polish actor in 1988.

Film experience:
2000 EDGES OF THE LORD Dir. Y. Bogayevicz
BAJLAND Dir. H. Dederko
EGOISTS Dir. M. Treli½ski
1999 BOYS DON’T CRY as Director
IN LOVE Dir. P. Weresniak
OPERATION “SAMOOM” Dir. W. Pasikowski
1998 KILL SEKAL Dir. V. Michalek
1997 STROKE Dir. O. Lubaszenko
1996 POZNAN’ 56 Dir. F. Bajon
1995 STINKERS Dir. J. Zalewski
VIRUS Dir. Kidawa - B»o½ski
1993 LES AMOUREUX Dir. C. Corsini (France)
1992 THE COUNTRY OF THE WORLD Dir. M. Zmarz-Koczanowicz
THE DOGS Dir. W. Pasikowski
1991 DEPARTURE Dir. M. and P. ºazarkiewicz
1990 KROLL Dir. W. Pasikowski
1989 BLACK RAVINE Dir. J. Majewski
1988 A SHORT FILM ABOUT LOVE Dir. K. KieÑlowski
19876 WITHOUT SIN Dir. W. Skrzynexki
TABOO Dir. A. Bara½ski
1986 ARCH OF EROS Dir. J. Domaradzki

1989 - International Film Festival in Geneva - The Short Film About Love
1989 - Polish Film Festival in Koszalin - WITHOUT SIN
1993 - Golden Jaguar - Film Festival, Mexico -THE MEMORIES FOUND IN A HUMP
1998 - International Film Festival Karlove Vary - Best Male Actor Award - KILL SEKAL
1999 - The Czech Lion - Award of the Czech Academy of Motion Pictures & TV for the best male actor in 1998.
- Eagle ‘99 - The Polish Film Award for the best male actor in 1998


One of the most popular and respected Polish actor. For many years he has co-operated with Krakow’s theatrical environment. He played, among others, in “Poskromienieo Z»oÑnicy” and “Burza” by Shakespear; “Tango” by Mroóek; “Mieszkanie Zojki” by Bu»chakov. He was many times awarded at the Polish Theatrical Festivals.

Feature Film
1999 - OGNIEM I MIECZEM Dir. Jerzy Hoffman
1997 - PROSTYTUTKI Dir. Eugeniusz Priwiezie½cew
SºAWA I CHAWAºA Dir. Kazimierz Kutz, TV Series.
KOCHAJ I RÓB CO CHCESZ Dir. Robert Gli½ski
BOîA PODSZEWKA Dir. Izabella Cywi½ska
1995 - SZABLE OD KOMENDANTA Dir. Jan Jakub Kolski
GRAJACY Z TALERZA Dir. Jan Kakub Kolski
1994 - SMIER‚ JAK KROMKA CHLEDA Dir. Kazimierz Kutz
POLSKA ÐMIER‚ Dir. Waldemar Krzystek
CUDOWNE MIEJSCE Dir. Jan Jakub Kolski
1973 - ODEJÐCIE, POWROTY Dir. Wojciech Marczewski


Born in 1964, Dorota Piasecka is a theatrical and film actress. In 1984 she received the Diploma at the Department of Puppets at the PWST in Wroc»aw and in 1987 passed the Actor’s Extream Exam. She debuted on the stage of the Juliusz S»owacki Theatre in Koszalin in 1986 as Liliana in “Zezowate SzczeÑcie”, directed by Andrzej Marczewski.

Then, for a long time, she has been connected to Polski Theatre in Bydgoszcz as well as Juliusz S»owacki Theatre and Stu Theatre in Cracow, collaboration at the same time with many other theatres in Poland (puppets’ theatre included). In 1989, she could be seen in many theatres in Poland, while on tour with a spectacle “Mistrz i Ma»gorzata” directed by Andrzej Marczewski. Her role as Behemot Cat brought her a honorable award at Warsaw Theatrical Meetings. In mid-nineties her collaboration with a gold and silver screen started. From then on she played many interesting roles at the Television Theatre (i.e.: “Chwila S»awy”, her debut directed by Ireneusz Engler, “Uczone Bia»og»owy”, directed by Andrzej Bara½ski), took part in some interesting cyclical programs (i.e.: “Spotkania z Ballada” or “Benefis at Stu Theatre”, directed by Krzysztof Jasi½ski), she played as well in many popular TV series (“Klan”, “Sukces”, “Posterunek 13", “Tygrysy Europy”, “Miasteczko”) and some important films, (“Dwa Ksieïyce”, directed by Andrzej Bara½ski, “Wiedïmin”, directed by Mark Brodzki, “Inferno” - director Maciej Pieprzyca’s debut). One of her most important roles is surely the one played recently in Yurek Bogajewicz’s “Boóe Skrawki”.

About Filmmaker
(Director/ Writer)

Yurek Bogayevicz was born in Poland to the family of a concert master violinist who emigrated to North America to play under Maestro Zubin Mehta. Mr. Bogayevicz himself studied music, theatre and film, graduating from the Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw as an actor and director.

In the United States, he directed theatrical productions of “Oedipus” by Senea, “Antigony” by Sophocles and “Arturo Ui” by Bertold Brecht, for which he won Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, Dramalogue Award and the LA Weekly Award for best direction.

His first film was the critically acclaimed ANNA for which Sally Kirkland won the Golden Globe Acting Award and received an Oscar nomination. Mr. Bogayevicz co-authored the screenplay with Agneieszka Holland.

His next film, the romantic comedy THREE OF HEARTS featured Billy Baldwin, Kelly Lynch and Sherlyn Fenn. It was distributed by New Line Cinema.

Mr. Bogayevicz just completed his latest film, a suspense-thriller titled EXIT IN RED starring Michey Rourke, Anthony Michael Hall and Anabell Scholfield on which he also served as co-writer of the screenplay.

(Executive Producer)

Born in Israel in 1944, Danny Dimbort started his career in films as general dogsbody for the Israeli distribution company Golan Globus Films becoming managing director within two years. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles to join Cannon Films as head of foreign sales, returning to Israel to produce several feature films prior to joining Cannon-Pathe in charge of distribution in L.A. He was president of international distribution at MGM until 1991 when he formed Nu Image with Avi Lerner, as partner in charge of sales and marketing.

(Executive Producer)

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe on July 4, 1955, Trevor attended the Prince Edward School in Harare before studying law at the University of Zimbabwe. He also obtained an MBA degree at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit.

After successfully obtaining his law degree, Trevor entered the world of banking and commerce. Trevor headed the Corporate Finance Division at Investec Bank in Johannesburg before joining Nu Metro Entertainment (Pty) Ltd. as Managing Director. Nu Metro Entertainment comprised a large cinema chain, a video and distribution company as well as a film production company. Following the acquisition of Nu Metro by CNA/Gallo, a retailing giant, Trevor has become the Managing Director of Nu World Services (Pty) Ltd., a film production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In addition to the many films produced in South Africa, Trevor has produced a number of movies outside of South Africa, including Blood Run, Beyond Forgiveness, Hard Justice, Project Shadowchaser III and F.T.W.

(Executive Producer)

As a successful screenwriter-director-producer, Boaz Davidson has perfected his craft for over 25 years. Three years ago, Davidson teamed up with his long-time associate, John Thompson, to produce.

Some of Davidson’s directorial credits include Looking for Lola, Lunar Cop, Blood Run, American Cyborg, Delta Force 3, Crazy People, Salsa (also writer), Going Bananas (also writer), Dutch Treat, Alex (also writer), Baby Love (also writer), Private Popsicle (also writer), The Last American Virgin (also writer), Hot Bubblegum (also writer), X-Ray, Seed of Innocence (also writer), Tzanani Family and The Wonder Dog.

Other writer-director credits include Going Steady, Funny, Funny World, Lemon Popsicle (Israeli Academy Award winner), Lupo Goes to New York, Snooker, Charlie and a Half, Fifty Fifty and Snail.


Chicago-born Braun has been a successful and honored filmmaker for over 30 years. In 1964, his production of GOLDSTEIN won the Prix de la Nouvelle Critique at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1974, his co-production of Maximilian Schell’s THE PEDESTRIAN won the Golden Globe Award as Best Foreign Film and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. His production of THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE, starring Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen, was voted Best Horror Film by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. In 1986, Braun again teamed up with director Schell to co-produce MARLENE, which earned him another Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature along with winning the New York Film Critics Award. The National Society of Film Critics Award and The National Board of Review Award. Braun’s all-consuming interest in filmmaking led him fresh from graduate work in Humanities and Classic Arts at the University of Chicago to enter movies while still serving as President of Braun International, his family’s packaging firm. Some of Mr. Braun’s other productions include: ANGELA, starring Sophia Loren and John Huston; FREEDOM ROAD, starring Muhammad Ali and Kris Kristofferson; THE FIENDISH PLOT OF DR. FU MANCHU, starring Peter Sellers; and WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?, starring Jill Clayburgh and Frederic Forrest. The 1987-88 television season saw the company bring to the screen a two-hour movie-of-the week, STILLWATCH, for CBS starring Lynda Carter and Angie Dickinson; a four-hour CBS mini-series, MURDER ORDAINED, starring JoBeth Williams, Keith Carradine and Terence Knox (Emmy nominated and winner of “Eddie” Award); a two-hour NBC movie, THE FATHER CLEMENTS STORY, starring Louis Gossett, Jr., Malcom-Jamal Warner and Carroll O’Connor (winner of Chiristopher Award and CEBA Award). TOUR OF DUTY, the highly acclaimed weekly prime-time series about the Vietnam War, also premiered in 1987 and enjoyed three successful season on CBS. Other television series from Mr. Braun include MURPHY’S LAW, starring George Segal, which ran on ABC and BAGDAD CAFÉ, starring Whoppi Goldberg and Jean Stepleton on CBS. In 1991, Mr. Braun produced A SEDUCTION IN TRAVIS COUNTY, a two-hour movie for CBS, starring Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Coyote and Jean Smart.

Expanding into the cable marketplace, he produced SPLIT IMAGES, a two-hour movie based on the best selling novel by Elmore Leonard and starring Gregory Harrison. In 1994, Braun produced the critically praised four-hour miniseries MENENDEZ; A KILLING IN BEVERLY HILLS for CBS starring Edward James Olmos and Beverly D’Angelo. Also that year at CBS was DOMINICK DUNNE’S 919 FIFTH AVENUE, a two-hour movie which starred Barry Bostwick, Michelle Phillips and John Rubinstein.

In 1996, ABDUCTED: A FATHER’S LOVE, a two-hour NBC movie starring Chris Noth, Peter MacNicol and Stepfanie Kramer, turned out to be one of the highest rated television movie for the year and was highly acclaimed as well. LETHAL VOWS, starring John Ritter and Marg Helgenberger, aired on CBS in 1999, and also proved extremely successful.

Braun Entertainment is in post-production on EDGES OF THE LORD, a feature film shot in Poland and starring Haley Joel Osment and Willem Defoe. Braun is also preparing the feature film AFRICAN MACBETH to be filmed in Africa 2001. CLOUT, a out-hour drama series, is currently in development with HBO.

Mr. Braun is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Art & Sciences, as well as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He also serves on the Board of Directors for The American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Sabin Institute at Georgetown University.


Philip Krupp has been with Braun Entertainment Group, Inc. for over 15 years and currently serves as its Executive Vice President of Production. Mr. Krupp came to the organization and worked his way from the ground up, starting as Zev Braun’s assistant and rising through the ranks of development and production. He worked on such series as TOUR OF DUTY (CBS), MURPHY’S LAW (ABC) and BAGDAD CAFÉ (CBS). Early on, he served as Associate Producer on two Movies for Television, STILLWATCH (starring Lynda Carter) and THE FATHER CLEMENTS STORY (starring Louis Gossett, Jr. and Malcolm Jamal-Warner). He then produced the CBS 2-hour DOMINICK DUNNE’S 919 FIFTH AVENUE as well as the network’s 4-hour Mini Series, MENEDEZ: A KILLING IN BEVERLY HILLS (starring Edward James Olmos and Beverly D’Angelo). Krupp next served as Executive Producer on two addition television movies, NBC’s ABDUCTED: A FATHER’S LOVE (starring Chris Noth and Peter MacNichol) and CBS’ LETHAL VOWS (starring John Ritter and Marg Helgenberger).

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


Avi Lerner is probably one of the most prolific producers of international movies on the global scene. This quiet-spoken Israeli (born in Haifa) studied Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Tel-Aviv and also served as a paratrooper and officer in the Israeli Army.

Avi started in the film industry as a manager of Israel's first drive-in cinema. After acquiring cinemas there, he opened a specialized distribution company and moved into producing small budget Israeli movies.

He expanded into the Southern African movie market in 1984 after working as executive producer of King Solomon's Mines in Zimbabwe, starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone. The success of this venture led to a sequel Alan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold.

In 1987 he founded the Nu Metro Entertainment Group and went on to produce more than 50 pictures in Zimbabwe and South Africa including My African Adventure, American Ninja 2, Fair Trade, Skeleton Coast, Platoon Leader, That Englishwoman, Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians and Alistair MacLean's River of Death.

In 1991, he formed Nu Image with Danny Dimbort and moved into international production and distribution with Woman of Desire starring Bo Derek, Jeff Fahey and Robert Mitchum, Cyborg Cop I and II, Double Suspicion and Warriors starring Gary Busey which were made in Canada, Freefall with Eric Roberts and directed by John Irvin, and F.T.W. starring Mickey Rourke and Lori Singer.


EDGES OF THE LORD Cast: Haley Joel Osment Willem Defoe Dir. Yurek Bogayevicz / Millenium Film/ Nu Image
LOST SOULS Cast: Winona Ryder, Ben Chaplin Dir. Janusz Kaminski / CastleRock, Prufrock Pict. / New Line Cinema
THE THIRD MIRACLE Cast: Ed Harris, Anne Heche Dir. Agnieszka Holland / Franchise Pict.; Sony Classics.
WASHINGTON SQUARE Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Albert Finney, Ben Chaplin Dir. Agnieszka Holland /Roger Birnbaum / Julie Bergman Prod., /Caravan Pictures
AIMEE AND JAGUAR Cast: Maria Schrader Dir. Max Faerberboeck /Senator Films - Germany, Prod.
BLISS Cast: Shery Lee, Craig Sheffer, Terence Stamp Dir. Lance Young /Allyn Stewart, prod. /Columbia Pict.
TOTAL ECLIPSE Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, David Thewlis Dir. Agnieszka Holland / Christopher Hampton,scr./ Fine Line
DEAD GIRL Cast: Anne Parillaud, Val Kilmer, Adam Coleman Dir. Adam Coleman /Philippe Caland, prod.
DESERT LUNCH Cast: Jennifer Rubin, Viggo Mortensen, Rita Tushingham Dir. Lech Majewski / Propaganda Films
DOPPELGANGER Cast: Drew Barrymore Dir. Avi Nesher / ITC
WHITE MARRIAGE Cast: Jan Englert, Teresa Budzisz-Kryzanowska Dir. Magdalena Lazarkiewicz / Film Polski
Television (Select)
EMPTY CRADLE Cast: Kate Jackson, Lori Laughlin ABC/Movie of the Week Dir. Paul Schneider/Papazian-Hirsh prod.
NIGHT OWL Lifetime/ Movie of the Week Dir. Matthew Patrick/ Hearest Enter. - Jennifer Alward, prod.

Theatre (Select)
TIS’S PITY SHE’S A WHORE Cast: Val Kilmer, Jeanne Tripplehorn Dir. JoAnne Akalailis /The New York Shakespeare Festival/ The Joseph Papp Public Theatre
PEER GYM Dir. David Schweizer / The Actor’s Gang
Selected Discography
1997 WASHINGTON SQUARE Varese Sarabande
1997 BLISS Varese Sarabande
1996 TOTAL ECLIPSE Sony Classical
1984 AT THE LAST GATE Savitor
1983 MUSIC FOR THE END Flying Fish

1992 DRAMA DESK AWARD / New York Critic Circle award for Broadway and off-Broadway shows - Best Music in a Play - “Tis’ Pity She’s a Whore”/ The New York Shakespeare Festival
1992 OBIE AWARD - as a member of a team of designers for “Tis’ Pity She’s a Whore”
GOLDEN SPRING PRIZE for best composition - Karlovy Vary Festival - Czechoslovakia
JAZZ TOP POLL of the International Jazz Federation’s JAZZ FORUM MAGAZINE five-time winner - miscellaneous instruments category

(Director of Photography)

Born: June 26, 1958
1984: Degree in Theory and History of Film and Theatre from the ºódïUniversity
1988: Graduated from the Camera Department of ºódï Film School (PWSFTViT - National Film, Television and Theatre School)
1986-88: Photography exhibition in Paris, ºódï and Prague
1989: The Cinematography Debut Award for the shot film “Kopalnia Wujek” 1999: “Ten DOP to watch” Variety’s award

2001: THE PLANIST by Roman Pola½ski
2000: EDGES OF THE LORD by Yurek Bogayevicz (USA - Polish Prod.)
DUîE ZWIERZE (Big Animal) by Jerzy Stuhr (Polish Prod.)
1999: PAN TADEUSZ by Andrzej Wajda (French-Polish Co-Prod.)
PRAWO OJCA (The father’s right )by Marek Kondrat (Polish Prod.)
1998: DEMONY WOJNY by Wtadystaw Pasikowsi (Polish Prod.)
1997: KRONIKI DOMOWE (The Family Events) by Leszek Wosiewicz (Polish Prod.)
-Best Cinematography Award, XXII Polish Film Festival, Gdynia ‘97
-“Bronze Frog” CAMERAIMAGE Toru½ ‘97
HISTORIE MIºOSNE (Love Stories) by Jerzy Stuhr (Polish Prod.)
- Grand Prix, XXII Polish Film Festival, Gdynia ‘97
-FIPRESCI Award, Venice‘97
-NAVICELLA Award, Venise ‘97
-OCIC Award, Venise ‘97
-Polish Film Critics Award ‘97
-Italian Film Critics Award ‘98
-Grand Prix, III International Film Festival Award, Newport Beach USA ‘98
1996: SZCZEÐLIWEGO NOWEGO JORKU (Happy New York) by Janusz Zaorski (Polish Prod.)
1995: SºODKO GORZKI (Bitter Sweat) by W»adys»aw Pasikowski (Polish Prod.)
1994: PSY 2: OSTATNIA KREW (Pigs 2: The Last Blood) by W»adys»aw Pasikowski (Polish Prod.)
1993: NASTAZJA by Andrzej Wajda (Japanese Prod.)
PSY (Pigs) by W»adys»aw Pasikoweki (Polish Prod.)
1992: NOVEMBER by ºukasz Karwowski (French Prod.)
-Stockholm Film Festival 1992
- Sarasota French Film Festival 1992

- The Minister of Culture Award, XVII Polish Film Festival Gdynia ‘92
1991: POLSON TESTERS (black & white) by Urlich Tleere (American Prod.)
- Un Certain Regard, Cannes ‘95
1990 KROLL by W»adys»aw Pasikowski (Polish Prod.)Awards
-Best Cinematography Award, XV Polish Film Festival Gdynia ‘90
ROSA ROSA by Martin Van Der Vluight (Deutch Prod.)
1989 GºUCHY TELFON (Crossed Line) by Piotr Mikucki (Polish Prod.)

(Production Designer)

EDGES OF THE LORD (2000) Dir. Yurek Bogayevicz / Prod. Zev Braun, Philip Krupp/Millennium Film/ Braun Ent
SAINT MICHAEL’S CROSSING (1999) Dir. Robert Butler/ Prod. Anita Addison/ CBS
GLORY, GLORY (1998) Dir. Robert Butler/ Prod. David Valdez, Judith M. Paige, Spelling/CBS
VIRUS (1997) Dir. John Bruno/ Prod. Gale Anne Hurd / Universal
TURBULENCE (1996) Dir. Robert Butler/ Prod. David Valdez, MGM/UA
JAG (Pilot/ 9 Episodes)(1995) Dir. Don Bellisario/ Prod. Haward Kazanjian, Paramount/ NBC
SOMEONE SHE KNOWS (1994) Dir. Eric Laneuville/ Prod. Thomas Carter, TCP/CBS
Dir. Robert Butler / Prod. Mel Efros, Warner Brother
THE CAR PROJECT (1993) Dir. Michael Lessac/ Prod. Ned Tanen, Ronald Schwary, Columbia Pictures
WHITE MILE (1993) Dir. Robert Butler/ Prod. Allen Marcil, Dick Berg , HBO Pictures
SIRENS (Pilot/ 9 Episodes)(1991) Dir. Robert Butler/ Prod. Chris Coles, ABC
TOUR OF DUTY (Pilot/ 30 Episodes) Dir. Bill Norton/ Prod. Ron Schwary,
Zev Braun Picture/ CBS

No more honest and true words have ever been spoken, than those I bolded in the production notes, about Haley being involved with any project.

Haley is the best.

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