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Haley Joel Osment



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 Re: Anyone want to see Secondhand Lions
Author: Fair 
Date:   05-31-05 17:25

danchia wrote:
> PS: Fair .... what else have I missed this time around?

Heh... you seem to have this unique ability to disappear right when there is really great Haley stuff being found... lol, what am I saying... there is always great Haley stuff happening all the time... that's why it is so much fun visiting here.

Hmmm... looks like you missed most of May, so here are some of the highlights you might find interesting...

Haley became involved with another charity golf event, this time for the Blind Childrens Center, which you can read about here.

We also learned that Haley was not a part of the 7th MD Golf Event right here.

Somebody started the month off with a few pics of Haley's dad in another film not involving Haley right here.

Somebody posted the most recent picture of Haley, and it showed Haley's Heart in action as he was spending some time at the Blind Childrens Center here.

OZ had a small bit of time away from being very busy to post a potential new voice project for Haley, which I notice is also listed in your message boards, but you might want to read the original thread here.

Somebody had a whole lot of fun with another "It's Haley DVD Day Again!" right here!

Somebody then posted a bunch of screen captures from the "Saber River" DVD here.

Siri had a great idea for some fun Haley facts, which got a lot of interesting replies right here.

And of course you already saw from Anthony about SHL in Korea right here.

Oh... and we also found out that Sara is a duck right here!!

Heh... and those are just the highlights... every month is a great month for Haley. There were also various discussions about various things... which reminds me, I think you were interested in my thoughts about a certain over-the-top actor in a recent film... you can find those thoughts in Sara's most recently viewed movie list message right here.

With all that being said, I think that pretty much obligates you to at least make a few comments about some of what is listed.... because I am sure there are many here that would be interested.

*edit to add*

Since this was last updated... someone recently posted this really rather special Haley pic, and a bonus pic or two as well.

Sombody also just recently added some "More Saber River pics" to complete a very nice set... well I like to think so anyway...

*another edit to add*

Trevor added this post-SHL Haley article that was somehow missed the first time all the articles were being posted. It probably only appeared in print form back then before finally showing up on the Internet.

Although it didn't generate much interest... there were some more interesting films seen since the last time Sara did up one of these lists. I thought there was some pretty good stuff to be found in the messages right here. I think you might find some interest in some of the titles, and any thoughts you might have would always be appreciated.

Someone recently stumbled across an obscure Haley book reference right here. These obscure references are always fun.

There was also some more information found about the possible Haley voice role in the animated series IGPX, including a teaser poster, right here!

The fourth anniversary since the relese of "A.I." brought about some really great stuff on the A.I. message board, which began right here, with some wonderful work from danchia.

and so it continues...

*edit... and continue it does*

Someone stumbled across an obscure Haley reference in a local newspaper that indicated a possible new film project called, "Home of the Giants"... decide for yourself if the rumour is true right, here.

Doesn't seem to be much interest in these, which is unfortunate because there are some worthwhile films to found... but you seem to be someone that enjoys a good film as often as you can, and might even take a chance on something new... so we have another recently seen film list that starts right, here.

*edit to include even more highlights*

Siri updated the amazing "Pure Talent" website for Haley right here, and there is some great stuff to found, so be sure and check it out.

The second season box set for "The Pretender", which includes the two Haley episodes, will be released on the date found inside this message.

There was some Emily Osment news, which is always nice to see, and you can find out more about it right here!

And... as you saw, Haley is all set to attend the "35th Giffoni Film Festival" as reavealed in this message right here!

And that pretty much brings you up to date... ever forward as always...

Post Edited (07-13-05 23:13)

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