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Haley Joel Osment



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 How about some SHL news...
Author: Fair 
Date:   04-14-04 18:09
Attachment:  SHLjapan.jpeg (178k)

Yes please...

Ok then... been a while since I've gone trolling for some news relating to what is now one of my most favourite films, "Secondhand Lions." Thanks Haley.

Anyway... as far as I can decipher from this website written in Japanese (perhaps someone out there can translate, because I just get lost... ), the release date for "Secondhand Lions" in Japan will be this July, 2004. It looks like that link is a review of the film, and it appears they gave SHL high praise with: 8 / 10 stars.

So it wasn't all that much news... but Haley has always been very popular in Japan, so hopefully the film will do much better there, than it has in other parts of the world.

I also managed to stumble across this poster, which I think is very nice.

Haley is the best.

*late edit*
Interesting little character they added over the english title.

Post Edited (04-14-04 18:47)

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