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 Hey Everyone
Author: Lucy 
Date:   06-24-10 14:00

So nobody really posts here anymore and I haven't in a long while but I do check in every now and then on the off chance that something new is happening with any of you =)

How is everyone?

So I guess i'll update you on me. Believe it or not, I am now 24 years old!! Can't believe it.

I recently finished my 3 year film and screen studies degree. My graduation is in july. I'm not sure of my mark yet but it should be a 2:1 which I will be pleased with because this final year has been terrible for me. I've been having major problems with my teeth and its meant that I literally didn't attend for the entire final year. I did all the work from home. I only went to one class as I was either in too much pain or at dentist and hospital appointments. unfortunately the problem is still not sorted either =(

However, it did inspire a new career for me. I loved my degree but I knew I didn't want to work in a related field afterwards. I wasn't sure what to do. But then all these problems with my teeth started and a few weeks ago, I started my new job as a trainee dental nurse, haha =) Seems bizarre condisdering I am terrified of the dentist!! Well. I am not scared of my dentist anymore. She is wonderful. But I hate all others (if I am the patient that is. I am fine working with them on other people but if its me in the chair, I totally freak out, lol!).

Its poorly paid but I love it and eventually I want to go on to train to be a dental hygienist.

Hmm. Dolly is fine, as is Ruby. I also have two rats at the moment, Kiki and Mei. I did have three but my baby Suki was put to sleep some weeks ago as she was very ill. I miss her so much =( We may get another dog soon as company for Dolly and as an effort to make sure she stays young. She is only 7 but we recently found out she has both hip and elbow dysplasia which is not good =( She has tablets etc. which help her a lot but she can't go on really long walks anymore. She has to go on several shorter ones instead but she seems happy enough.

My nephew is 3 in november. He and my brother and my sister in law are in Australia still at the moment but they move back here in August. Can't wait!!!

So I guess thats all for now. I have to go to bed as my teeth are killing me so I need to try and sleep before work tomorrow.

Hope you are all well!

Logan - if you read this, I sent you guys a letter at Christmas. Did you get it? I don't think you did =(

Take care everyone!


Everything will be fine in the end. If it's not fine, then it is not the end.

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 Hey Everyone  new
Lucy 06-24-10 14:00 
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yaad 07-02-10 04:41 

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