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Myles Jeffrey

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 Re: Myles Jeffrey's You are the most ridiculous "genius
Author: DrK 
Date:   12-20-08 12:42


1. You seem rather hostile. Could it be that you are jealous of Myles' accomplishments? What's that, you think I just attacked you unfairly? You have certainly attacked Myles unfairly!

2. "Genius" has several definitions. One of those definitions that is objective depends on IQ. I don't remember where the IQ cutoff for a genius is, but Myles' IQ of 165 surely puts him far above that cutoff. This Myles is a PROVEN genius!

3. Myles was on "Teen Jeopardy" and did very well. How many people do you know, dyansia, who were invited to be on "Teen Jeopardy"?

4. You complain about Myles' behavior on an MTV show. I didn't see that show, but it is well known that shows like that try to present their subjects in the most extreme way possible, because the producers think that increases their ratings. You can't judge a person by one of those shows. From reading some of Myles' posts on this board, I get the impression that he is a very decent person!

5. I really don't think you know where Myles applied to college. If some school didn't accept him, then that school made a mistake. You had better be careful about throwing stuff like that out on a public board, or someday someone might sock you with a lawsuit for libel. Incidentally, UCLA is a fine school!

6. Finally, celebs like Myles have these boards so they can interact with their fans, not so they can be trashed on their own boards!

Dr. K

"Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world. So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain."--Helen Keller

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DrK 12-25-08 07:03 

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