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 Re: hey, i m new here
Author: ( shylock's daughter ) 
Date:   09-09-08 10:54

Thank you, and you're welcome :)

I'm not a good swimmer myself, so I've never actually gone any deeper than up to my knees. I suppose it depends though, our weather seems to be quite erratic, and we can have really boiling weather, and then really cold too. This year it's been mostly freezing, mind you.

I've never actually seen people swimming in the sea, most people just stick to the edge like I do, but there are a lot of people who surf and body board. People like to jump off the wall into the dock as well. I personally would hate doing this, because it's a huge drop, and the water in the dock isn't the cleanliest. I'd assume it was cold, but most people ignore the temperature. It's like in the pool a few towns away from me, the water there is always absolutely freezing ((it's an outdoor pool)) but everybody goes in there anyway, and just waits for their body to get used to it.

It''s nice enough in the summer, with the sun. No paradise, but Porthcawl is the only place I ever ask to stay for a holiday. My mother is afraid of flying, you see, so we never go abroad. My parents would prefer Tenby, or somewhere else in West Wales, but I've always preferred Porthcawl. The sea front has some lovely tea shops, and I found a bookshop in the high street where every book is priced at twenty pence. Plus there's the train, it's one on the road, just a small one that's nice to take rides on, and it goes all the way along the sea front, up towards the golf club.

I don't know a lot about the US either, I'm quite good with the differences in slang and things, because of the amount of American telly shows aired here, but when it comes to the history, and what the country is actually like, I have no idea.

( a little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest [wo]men )

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