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 Re: hey, i m new here
Author: ( shylock's daughter ) 
Date:   09-06-08 16:05

Yep, school started the day after my birthday =) I am now sixteen. xD We picked our subjects last year, and I chose art, graphic design and religious studies, although the last one was mostly just because I didn't like the others in the box. We have a box system in our school, you see, with three boxes and around seven lesson options in each, you have to pick one subject from each box. It stops overlaps on the timetables. I would have liked to have taken spanish or history as well, I think, but alas, graphics and art are more important for my (hopefully) future career.

I'm still taking the core subjects too; english, the sciences, maths, PE, etc.. My class are doing a welsh baccalaureate course as well, and we're doing a business project for it. We had to think of a project and show that we can contact companies and things to make it. My part in it is connected with maths actually, I'm supposed to sort out finances, and I'm one of the two people who sort out anything we have to do on the computer as well.

I don't really like maths, but I'm good at it, apparently. I took the higher tier GCSE exam last summer, and got an A. Which I was EXTREMELY pleased with, having been ill the week before the exam and only managing to revise the morning before. xD I'm taking the statistics exam next summer. We're only a week or two into the course though, it's mostly averages from grouped frequency diagrams, and stuff. My brother was really good at maths in school as well, I was only little when he was in university, and I used to look at his textbooks. There seemed to be more symbols than numbers. What kind of level did you teach?

Our teacher is much better this year too, last year it got a bit dicey when everyone's parents complained to her at parents evening, she was almost crying by the time my parents got to her, I felt so sorry for her. This year she's really making an effort to get along with us. Most people still dislike her, but I don't so much. I said earlier that I was ill before my exam, she helped me out a lot then, she made sure I had a seat close to the door in case I felt ill and needed to leave. She can be funny when she wants to be too.

Thank you =) You're going to make my head big. xD You seem like a pretty cool person too, and very up to date on all the news. I look forward to posting here, everyone seems lovely.

And thank you again, I've found them now. It all looks like common sense, which is good, because it means there's less chance of me forgetting them. =) I'll read them through more thoroughly after I've posted this.

I've rambled again, I do apologise. I think this is what official forums do to me, I've only ever joined two in my life, and the last one I was on I spent most time having these really drawn out discussions with another member. I'm slightly stubborn and opinionated, so I like that sort of thing, although I try to stay polite. I hate offending people. >.<

I apologise if it seems like I'm gloating, by the way, I just read back through and I sound kind of arrogant in the part about the maths. I wasn't trying to be, I'm just proud of my results. I'm not a genius, or anything though, my friends are the smartest people I know. One does a lot of theatrical stuff, she got to play Gabriella in the local version of HSM last year, and this year she's playing Scaramouche in WWRY, she's good at music and singing too, and horse riding. I'm super proud of her, another one is like, the most amazing writer in our whole school, our teachers make up excuses to take marks off her just so she won't get full. And then there's another who is fantastic at maths, singing and languages. She's almost fluent in both welsh and spanish, as well as english. They are all amazing.

Jess xx

( a little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest [wo]men )

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