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Myles Jeffrey

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 Re: hey, i m new here
Author: ( shylock's daughter ) 
Date:   08-16-08 06:58

Um.. I'm new here too, but I didn't really think there was point in me posting another thread, seeing as the forum's about Myles, so I thought I would post here, so there's only one thread instead of two, if that's okay?

Anyway, I was wondering if there were any specific terms of use for this board? I couldn't see a link anywhere, but I thought that I had better ask before I get to posting properly, because I wouldn't want to break a rule.

My name is Jess, and I am fifteen, although my birthday is in like two and a half weeks. I live in Wales, and have never been abroad. I'm sort of a social recluse, I only leave the house for school and when my friends invite me somewhere. The rest of the time I spend reading, watching the telly or on the computer. My laptop is my child. I want to have a career in graphic design when I'm older, although my parents don't want me to be.. They think it's a waste of my grades, and they would prefer if I was a doctor, but I'm too squeamish. At the moment they're clinging on to the hope that I'll become an architect or a psychiatrist.

Anyway, I first saw Myles on Stepsister from the Planet Weird, although I didn't know it was him at the time. I found out about him properly from browsing around the IMDB website, and then I saw the film on the filmography list, and was like "I know that!", and then I saw Recess, Stuart Little, the Santa Clause 2, Babe and All Dogs Christmas Carol, and well.. yeah. OMGed a bit more xD

Hopefully I'll be able to be active on this forum, you all seem pretty cool. <3

( a little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest [wo]men )

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