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 Nathan Norton's Shorts!
Author: theIncredibleEdibleOne 
Date:   04-09-07 12:04

Get your minds out of the gutter, I mean the two short films this kid has links for on the article about him.

I thought he did well in both films, but the downer (the one he's featured in the most) is pretty pedestrian, but one things for sure, I remember Lucas Haas from back in the day (Witness, Lady in White), and there is no way he was ever as good looking as this Nathan kid (but I guess he looks enuf like Haas grown up self to pass, let's just hope that Nathan does not get as ugh-city as Haas did).

Now, the other film w/ Steve Carrel is FUNNY, but in that one if you blink you miss him, and realistically, only his parents would've ever noticed him in that short film.

Having not been privy to any of his other work, I can make the minor assumption that Nathan Norton (especially since is heart is in theater, and I'm a playwright) is an up and coming young actor, and I look forward to seeing if he can make the bridge to becoming a teen actor, and an adult actor.

If he keeps himself grounded, and his roots solidly in theater (where an actor's performance is truly his own), he's got a good shot at a career when the dust settles.

(P.S.- Sorry that this isn't the usual "ooooh, he's soooo cute" message, but that is of very little concern to ME. I do however appreciate how tough it is for a kid who gets the bug to be an actor.)

Ya now him, ya love him, ya can't live w/o him!

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 Nathan Norton's Shorts!  new
theIncredibleEdibleOne 04-09-07 12:04 

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