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BREAKING NEWS!!! The Forbidden Kingdom release date announced!!!
"The Forbidden Kingdom" is being released in the US jointly by Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company on April 18, 2008. Michael stars alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Rob Minkoff directs from a John Fusco script. Casey Silver produces. See Mike's bio at the right for more on "The Forbidden Kingdom."
Black Irish release date announced!!!
"Black Irish" has signed a U.S. theatrical distribution deal with a new company called Anywhere Road. Release will be September 28 in New York and Boston, expanding nationally through the fall. Michael plays Cole McKay, a teen struggling for independence, put to the test as his South Boston Irish-Catholic family implodes around him.
The Final Season
"The Final Season" will be released in over 1,000 theaters on October 12, according to MLB.com, the official site of Major League Baseball. Sony Pictures, Yari Film Group Releasing and Starz Encore Group will distribute the film to theaters, DVD, and premium cable. The information was announced at Major League Baseball's All-Star Week festivities. This will be Michael's first film to open in "wide release" since "Sky High" in July 2005.
Man in the Chair
"Man in the Chair" has been selected as the official opening night film of the Seoul International Youth Film Festival in Korea, July 19-24, 2007. The film will also screen at the 12th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival in Long Island, New York, July 19-28. And it will be featured as the Spotlight Screening at 7:30 PM on Saturday, August 4 at the Santa Monica International Film Festival.


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 What happened  
Dillan 07-02-16 10:38 
 Re: What happened  
uk51 08-08-16 11:36 
 Breaking News Michael looks to return to TV  
uk51 08-13-13 01:15 
 Interesting link about Michael  
uk51 07-31-13 12:00 
 Short interview with Michael on "The Art of Getting By"  
uk51 07-11-13 12:28 
 First look at "Empire State"  
uk51 06-24-13 14:02 
 Re: First look at "Empire State"  
Sphinx 06-27-13 02:56 
 My review of "The English Teacher"  
lrichman 05-29-13 23:14 
 Re: My review of "The English Teacher"  
uk51 06-10-13 11:00 
zhangyuying 05-21-13 06:31 
 Welcome back everyone!  
lrichman 05-13-13 13:46 
 Re: Welcome back everyone!  
uk51 05-13-13 13:59 
 Re: Welcome back everyone!  
Sphinx 05-17-13 00:00 
 Hi to everyone too...  
juman1422 06-10-13 20:46 
 Juno Temple awarded Rising Star at the 2013 BAFTA's  
uk51 02-11-13 13:15 
 Re: Juno Temple awarded Rising Star at the 2013 BAFTA's  
Sphinx 02-13-13 01:15 
 Photo's of Juno and Michael  
uk51 01-28-13 11:21 
 Re: Photo's of Juno and Michael  
Sphinx 02-13-13 01:19 
 Official HD Trailer for "The Brass Teapot"  
uk51 01-19-13 10:52 
 Poster for The Brass Teapot  
uk51 01-17-13 12:45 
 Merry Christmas :)  
Katherine McIntosh 12-25-12 03:14 
 Merry Christmas  
uk51 12-19-12 12:03 
 Thanks uk51...  
juman1422 01-02-13 19:58 
 HBD Michael!!!!  
juman1422 12-04-12 20:06 
 A very big Happy Birthday MA  
uk51 12-03-12 10:43 
Marilз 12-02-12 23:30 
 Added some Q&A pics to my "Brass Teapot" review  
lrichman 10-14-12 10:52 
 Re: Added some Q&A pics to my  
uk51 10-15-12 05:37 
 Re: Added some Q&A pics to my  
lrichman 10-15-12 08:47 
 My review of "The Brass Teapot" World Premiere at Toronto  
lrichman 10-06-12 13:13 
 Re: My review of "The Brass Teapot" World Premiere at Toronto  
uk51 10-07-12 10:52 
 Re: My review of "The Brass Teapot" World Premiere at Toronto  
lrichman 10-07-12 12:07 
 Magnolia Pictures picks up The Brass Teapot  
uk51 09-15-12 10:47 
 Re: Magnolia Pictures picks up The Brass Teapot  
Jal pari 08-07-13 01:24 
 Clip from The Brass Teapot  
uk51 09-10-12 11:19 
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